Why Make The Switch To A Business VoIP Phone System

Is your business on the fence about switching over to VoIP phones? If so, it can help to know the benefits of using VoIP instead of traditional telephone lines. 

Are VoIP Phones Similar To What Employees Are Used To?

Many people are worried about a new VoIP phone being drastically different from their old phone, causing employees to be confused about how the phone system works. Know that there are many similarities between VoIP and traditional phones. Your employees will still have phones at their desk that they can pick up and dial out from, voice mail, and the basic features they are used to. This helps makes the transition to a VoIP phone system easy. However, there are plenty of new features that make a VoIP system a worthwhile investment.

How Are VoIP Phones Different?

Employees tend to love the features that give them more control over their phone that they did not have before. A commonly used feature is being able to mark your phone line as busy if you do not want to be disturbed—no more having to ignore a phone call and letting it ring endlessly if an employee can't answer the phone, since others will be notified immediately that you are marked as busy and the call will go straight to your voice mailbox. 

Visual voicemail is a huge benefit, since you do not need to call into a voicemail system to check and listen to messages. Some VoIP systems will even transcribe voicemail messages and display them in an easy-to-read form. 

Is It Easy To Move Phone Line Locations?

If you need to move to a new desk with a traditional phone line, it usually involves having someone from an IT department physically move cables around so that the phone can be rerouted to its new location. This is not the case with a VoIP phone line. You can actually take the phone with you and plug it into any phone line, and the phone will work with all of the employee's phone line information. This can help you quickly change where an employee is located in the office and not miss out on phone calls.

Do these sound like some excellent reasons to upgrade your phone system? Speak to a business telephone system specialist to learn more about making this change. They can provide you with more info that relates specifically to your business.